About The Tutors

We, the tutors, are experts in the field of preparing test takers. We have come together to tackle ASVAB, ASTB-E and AFOQT and, in the process, created a streamlined and effective course, designed to teach our students the knowledge they need to succeed. We work with our students to first identify their weaknesses. Then we will specifically design a course to strengthen their deficiencies and magnify their strengths. We stand by our methods and guarantee results.

Cumulatively, we have over a decade of teaching experience. We each hold undergrad or graduate degrees in either Aerospace Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science Engineering or Mechanical Engineering from highly acclaimed U.S. institutions. Through our experience, we have come to know what really works for our students. We will utilize our understanding and make the materials easy for you to learn. Our experts will get the job done! Contact us to Ace the ASVAB right away!